Division Manager

  1. This position is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling all Division
  2. Position is responsible for maximizing Division processes especially focused on the following (labor, repair and maintenance, SOP’s, supplies and quality)
  3. Additionally, this position will be accountable for delivering and maintaining high standards of safety, customer service, growth and process implementation and



  1. The position must drive and meet Porta Kleen safety objectives. Identify opportunities for improvement and provide training and support to the
  2. Ensures Branch Human Resource Functions are maintained to include, employee development, performance appraisals, coordinates branch hiring and firing, works with corporate staff to maintain company policies and best
  3. Ensures financial control and statistical accountability to include, directing and controlling expenditures, both impressed funds and capital items, researching and compiling competitive market information and total P & L
  4. Ensures the development and continuation of the sales function to include, pricing and bidding of projects, market penetration and branch growth, follow up with existing customers and makes direct sales calls as
  5. Manages and is fully responsible of overseeing operational activities including directing personnel on specific job sites, troubleshooting equipment operations problems, oversees scheduling of manpower and equipment, and ensures company standards of quality are met and accountable for all
  6. Maintains frequent visits and interaction with jobsites, employees and
  7. Performs other duties as



  1. This position is called upon to plan both manpower and equipment in a twenty-four-hour response service organization, hence must be good at scheduling and balancing workloads.
  2. Maintains high equipment standards and programs while maintaining safety, cost effectiveness and quality.
  3. This position is responsible for manpower, equipment and customer relations in multiple, geographically dispersed locations.
  4. Due to the nature of the business, long non-traditional hours are required as a regular part of the job.
  5. The position is a member of the Porta Kleen management team and called upon to facilitate the performance of all Porta Kleen.

Required Skills


Required Experience

  1. Associates or bachelor’s degree in Business Management or related field.
  2. Specific systems exposure in an industrial environment could include:
    1. Specific multi-tasking and project management experience.
    2. Knowledge of Industrial equipment operations and understanding of mechanical concepts and applications.
  3. Professional oral and written interpersonal communication.
  4. 5-7 years of Management capacity with direct responsibility for human relations issues.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019 - 3:29pm

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