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Wednesday, April 17, 2019
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Technical Trainer


  1. Responsible for training and facilitating events that demand technical skills in addition to the ability to effectively meet compliance training, general training, and developmental requirements as part of the PK Training and Development (T&D) Department.  
  2. Responsible for establishing and meeting process, program, record keeping, material development/maintenance, and service requirements to meet the training and development needs of PK team members.
  3. Responsible for developing other trainers and driving training compliance.


  1. Be an expert in PK T&D policy, process, and programs.
  2. Maintain required certifications and expertise to train and develop all PK team members in required technical field/subject matter; examples include (but are not limited to) Sanitation and Hydro Excavation.
  3. Gain and maintain required certifications and expertise to train and develop PK team members in compliance, general, and developmental topics, as required. 
  4. Determine training and development needs, then, prepare relevant lesson plans and materials based on research and expert consultation.
  5. Schedule and prepare lessons using the PK Learning Management System, (LMS) forms and systems, to include scheduling and preparing facilities and training/developmental materials.
  6. Deliver T&D events and activities in an effective, efficient, and professional manner, focusing on student mastery, experiential (hands-on) opportunities, and adult learning principles.
  7. Coordinate with vendors as required to ensure T&D are delivered.
  8. Assess student learning during T&D activities to ensure students have an opportunity to revisit areas and learn.  In addition, ensure and be able to prove students have mastered the materials.
  9. Record results of student T&D within two weeks of completing the event or activity (this includes assessing records into the PK LMS). 
  10. Maintain records of all T&D conducted, with emphasis on OSHA and other regulatory requirements.
  11. Support routine audits of records and systems to provide feedback to individuals, supervisors, and other trainers regarding training/development gaps and/or trends.
  12. Refine and improve lessons based on student feedback, best practice reviews, and changes in regulation, equipment, and/or procedure. 
  13. Train other trainers in topics of personal expertise, as well as in general principles related to adult education.
  14. Maintain currency in all topics/areas, including hands-on experience and classroom instruction, to include personal training/refresher requirements.
  15. Maintain all office and training materials/equipment; keep all in good working order/clean and maintain required inventory to support events/activities.
  16. Maintain all training records and forms, with the correct inventory levels to support events/activities.
  17. Consult on and support T&D programs, policies, and systems across PK
  18. Participate in T&D activities; meet PK T&D requirements; and attend meetings, work groups, and seminars, as needed.
  19. Continuously evaluate T&D processes, recommend improvements, and take action to improve quality and efficiency.
  20. Perform other duties, as directed.


  1. Associates or Bachelors Degree in Education or Training-related field preferred.
  2. 2-4 years experience with adult training and development in a fast-paced, changing environment.
  3. 2-4 years experience with in-person content development, delivery, and assessment for a variety of learners preferred.
  4. Field experience in the same or a like industry, with OSHA 501 and 511 General Industry Courses preferred.
  5. Knowledge of OSHA,and DOT regulations and experience with these agencies is a plus.
  6. Must be proficient with Office Suite (MS Word, Excel, and Power Point).
  7. Prior experience working with a Learning Management System preferred.
  8. Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and communications skills required.
  9. Ability to handle multiple projects and requests with competing deadlines.
  10. Typical classroom work, with associated physical requirements, in addition to handling equipment and materials in training environments (lifting/carrying).
  11. Ability to travel, estimated at less than 30% of first year and less thereafter.

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Friday, May 31, 2019